The Top 5 Overlooked Tasks on Moving Day

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November 12, 2016
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November 28, 2016

The Top 5 Overlooked Tasks on Moving Day

Moving to or from San Diego is a busy time no matter what your situation may be. Even if you’re thrilled about the new home and new location, the actual move will bring an abundance of stress. We’ve seen the type of things people forget to do by moving day.

The words Ready to Move written on a cardboard box with black marker to indicate you are prepared to relocate or for moving to another location

We’ve discovered it’s typical to forget a few crucial details. Here are 5 of the most typically overlooked tasks for families who are faced with a big move to San Diego.

Items Not within the Home

If you’re relocating to San Diego, be certain to pick all items up that aren’t in your house before moving. For example, did you loan something to one of your friends which they haven’t returned? Ask for it prior to moving. What about the tailor or dry cleaner? If they still have some of your clothes, pick them up prior to leaving. You do not want to end up with shipping charges plus the moving expenses.


You’ll have to have your dental, medical, and vet records in your new area. Ask your dentist, vet and doctor for the documents several weeks prior to moving. It’ll eliminate any troubles, while searching for a new clinical care provider at your new house, as you’ll already have released the records and signed all of the required forms. If you have children in school, you’ll additionally acquire their school records prior to you enrolling them in a new school.

Hidden Items

Many San Diego families have valuables concealed in their home. These may include inside a rarely used cubby hole, or a safe inside the basement. You may have a key concealed in a fake rock inside your garden or underneath a watering can within the garage. When moving in San Diego, attempt to be certain that you’ve collected all these items, so you don’t leave anything valuable behind.

Leave the Garage Door Opener Behind

It is not that often that people to remember the garage door opener. However, you must leave it for the new home owners. After all, it won’t do much good at the new home, and they’ll need to have it. Be certain you get it out of your glove box or off your automobile’s visor prior to moving.

Cancel Memberships

Do you hold a clubhouse membership, gym membership, or other membership which you pay routine dues for? Unless you’ll have the ability to transfer the membership to an area at your new place, cancel it prior to it renewing. You might additionally wish to cancel your library account in order for no one to fraudulently use it once you move.

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