Moving in San Diego? How to Avoid Moving Day Mishaps

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November 11, 2016
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Moving in San Diego? How to Avoid Moving Day Mishaps

Moving from one home to another is a complicated and delicate operation, and sadly, it is filled with potential problems. Hopefully in this article, we can offer you some valuable tips and tricks for avoiding any major issues, and help keep your San Diego move as stress-free and painless as possible.


Nothing is more upsetting than losing something of great material or sentimental value or having it damaged in the process of moving. Your San Diego movers will do everything they possibly can while transporting your possessions to ensure they arrive safely. Unfortunately, improper packing by customers is usually responsible for most damaged items. Make sure anything that is fragile or sentimental is securely and properly packed, and that your San Diego movers are aware of these boxes. Good communication is usually the key to having a successful move.

Keep Track of Your Items

An inventory of what was packed is absolutely indispensable when moving, and it is easy to create during the packing progression. An inventory allows you to readily check what has arrived at your new home and to ensure nothing has been left behind or has gone missing along the way. Save yourself the mishap of realizing that you are missing something shortly after your move or having no idea of whether it even arrived at the new house or not. Additionally, something may possibly be misplaced after unpacking or have been left somewhere during the course of your move.

Creating a comprehensive list of what you have packed will ensure you know where everything is located. As an added measure, you may want to create a computer document of your inventory and back it up on a couple of devices. This makes it easier to keep track of present belongings and more difficult to lose them; you can you can look at your list and know exactly where each item is located.

Moving Valuables

Make sure that all of your packed items are movable by mixing heavy and light items in your boxes. This allows for a balanced weight and makes it easier for your San Diego movers to work quickly and efficiently. If you have a piano, make sure your movers know about this ahead of time so that a piano specialist can be employed to help with this type of item. If your rooms have large objects that require the need to have doors removed, make sure you do this ahead of time.

Televisions and computers need special care, so be sure you ask your movers how to best handle these items. With computers, you may want to consider backing up all data before you move to avoid any possible issues.

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